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Search Tips

For the Most Accurate Search Results

  • Always double-check for misspellings and typos
  • The fewer words entered the better your results will be
  • One word literal and conceptiual keywords work best.
    • Literal Examples
      • Portait
      • Computer
      • Landscape
      • Surfing
    • Conceptual Examples
      • Celebration
      • Leisure
      • Simple
      • Emotion

How To Search Using Word Phrases

The search system is set up to be able to give search results for many two-word phrases. Those two words can be connected, using conjunctions, to get the same results.

  • Searching for images of a girl swimming:
    • girl swim
    • girl and swim
    • girl AND swim
  • Searching for images of both “girl” and “swim” in the keywords of each image:
    • girl or swim
  • Searching for images of girls swimming at a beach or pool:
    • girl swim (bearch or pool)
    • girl and swim (beach or pool)